Monday, January 19, 2009

Seedlings from Missouri Department of Conservation

Check out the list of seedlings that are sold by the George O. White State Forest Nursery. Orders for the tree and shrub seedlings are taken online or by fax through mid-April (you will be billed for your selections), and shipped in May.

Seedlings are very reasonably priced, sold in "bundles" that range from $4 to $28. Of particular interest to the backyard gardener are the "special bundles", described on the Mo Dept. of Conservation site as follows:
For areas where a variety of seedlings are needed, in smaller quantities, four special bundles are available.

* The Conservation Bundle is recommended for people who want to add a mix of trees and shrubs to their property.
* The Wildlife Cover Bundle will improve habitat and food sources for a number of Missouri wildlife species.
* The Extra-Large Nut Tree Bundle is made up of pecan and walnut that are larger than our normal stock size.
* The Quail Cover Bundle provides plants for quail food and cover.

The contents of these special bundles are preselected by the nursery, and no substitutes can be made. See the online order form or PDF order form for bundle contents.

Download the descriptions and order form from

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