Sunday, November 23, 2008

What type of berry is this?

For some reason, I thought it was a serviceberry, but I read they fruit pretty early, and the birds will normally get them before the people can.

Ours still have some fruit on the trees, and they make a real mess when they fall on the sidewalk. I don't remember when they began fruiting, sometime mid to late summer I think.

We have two of these trees, multi-trunked and ~15 feet tall.


pedalpusher101 said...

I would like to know too. I am looking at a large shrub with leaves 2.5 inches oblong with a pointed end. Leaves are in opposing pairs with 6 to 8 leaves per stalk from the main branch. The leaves have small hairs on the edges and main vain underneath. Berries are a tomato red that look like sections with 6 flat yellow tear shaped seeds, that attached by 2's on each leaf stem. Location, West Virginia, altitude 800 ft., time of year Sept 24,2009, terrain good homogeneous dirt in the edge of woods.

Anonymous said...

English Hawthorn. I found it on another site. Hope this helps.