Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fuzzy caterpillar

Had to do a plant walk before heading out shopping and found this guy. Will need to look him up later.

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I just looked it up. He's a Wooley Bear Caterpillar, that will turn into an Isabella Moth (Pyrrharctia isabella).


Jim said...

Hi,Kid !
We call this a "wooly worm" and use it to forcast the winter weather. The darker they are the harder the winter.

Jim said...

Hey, Kid !
Just encase you forgot who I was, well, I'm Jim from Spencer W.Va.( or maybe I lived in Elkview,W.Va. the last time I e-mailed you WHEN you had the Junky Monkey up and running ! LOL) Anyway, e-mail me @ I need some help on a pottery mark.
Thanks !!

angie said...

Hi Jim! Hmmm... I wonder if this one is darker than normal?

rcottle said...

Does it bite?